I attended the RebootDevelop Red game development conference this past week. Somewhere, tucked away in the back of my memory, is the last time I ever attended a game development related confer...


full diet of anime and games over here


Back on my bullshit.

363 - The Fighting Fantasy Book Series

Best Games - The Fighting Fantasy Book SeriesYou ever play a roguelike? A game where you have one run through a gauntlet of obstacles. When your character dies you go back to the start and try...


https://eturnip.itch.io/anythingThis weekend was Ludem Dare 45. Ludem Dare is a long running series of semi-annual game jams. I did the same thing that I do every time Ludem Dare rolls around....



did some work over here. Only a very small amount of changes got into the actual story. I wrote 2 scenes that happen nearer they end, but I haven't written any of the stuff in between so I opt...


If there is one thing I am truly terrible at (I know, I know, it’s more than one thing) It’s self promotion. I will, from time to time, point at a sign or logo while out in the wor...


During the last weeks of their summer vacation, my kids and I started up a small game dev experiment. I described it as an extended Game Jam. We only worked on in a couple hours a day at most....


One drop at a timeDevouring solid stoneA slow creek flows on​

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