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So my UI design was lousy. really really lousy.

but that is A-OK.

See, the real purpose of doing this game... and writing this blog, is just to learn.

I set about the task of creating a throw away game... something that I would build to learn the tools, learn some coding, just simply get something built. Now if it turns out the game is any fun, then I would dive right in and finish the thing, but this will not likely be the case. This game will probably always suck. that is A-OK too.

I am rebuilding the game graphics, and therefore the entire UI to make everything a bit more clear... not a ton, but a bit.

This is the fourth full go round on the graphics, not including minor tweaks and additions. This is also the third time I have programmed it. The game started out on the xna framework and then I quickly moved to the unity engine.... much better. I started coding it in javascript and then moved over to C#.... also much better. Every time I learn more and more about the nuts and bolts. Occasionally I learn something about actual game design, but that seems to be a long term education kind of thing.

In redoing the graphics I'm trying to learn how to create a more clear and usable UI, while resisting the artist tendency to try to build "finished" assets.

Of course all this learning is difficult when you are, occasionally, as profoundly stupid as I can be.

but that is A-OK.
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