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I put up a new build a bit ago, but you probably won't notice any differences. All th changes are under the hood. I'm rooting through and cleaning up code as I go. Bad shit goes out and slightly improved shit goes in.

This is all part of the iterative process.

Also being iterated, are all the graphics. The final look will hopefully be somewhere between story book paintings and slick art deco design. Figure that out... I haven't.

At the moment I am relearning some art tools that I used to be quite proficient at. I always spend so long between using certain tools that I almost always forget some of the most basic things about them. Every time that happens, it always reinforces this one theory in my brain. I think that a person can become an expert on a topic or at some skill, extremely quickly. Most individual skills can be picked up and developed in a matter of months, or even weeks. If you work on them continually for 1 or 2 years, you will most likely be an expert. Becoming a master will probably take the rest of your life, but becoming an expert... thats a pretty quick.

Only thing is, I don't think most people see it that way. I've had so many wildly different jobs in a fairly short period of time, that I have been forced to pick up new skills, become and expert in some, and then drop them to pick up an entirely new set of skills. Most of these skills are either so encrusted with rust that it would take a few weeks to get back up to speed, or they have been flat out forgotten.

Right now I'm learning to program in C#. If I kept at it, in a few years I would probably be an expert in whatever I was programming. That's not me being cocky, I think it really is just a matter of time and exposure to the task. If you ask me right now, I'm really not sure if I'll keep at it or not. I would definitely rather steer more heavily toward the art. Right now, I think I'll go reacquaint myself with some tools I used to be an expert in.
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