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'cept they are only marginally better than the old graphics, you might say.

you would be right. but the groundwork is there for them to improve a bit at a time now. The old version had too many problems with pivot locations and ambiguous rotation angles. What was very broken is now less broken.

or you might say I still don't know what's going on here.

you are in good company. I have an idea where this is headed and it still looks like thick nonsense soup sometimes.

or you could even ask, is this really even a game? it doesn't seem... you know .... fun.

probably isn't. on both counts. I have spent the last month or so gutting out the junk and replacing it with the bones of an actual game.

So here is my problem. I work on this game for maybe an hour or so a day, on average. If I am coding I can usually make decent use of that time... if I am doing anything graphics related, forgetaboutit. I have the ability to pour a ton of time into anything graphics. 3D, 2D, video ... whatever. Now, I've done graphics work under deadline. Quite a lot of it, and some real bastard hard deadlines too. That I can do. There is an end that you are trying to achieve. As soon as I leave that focused mentality and give in to the meandering undulations of "concept development" I might be better off just shutting down the PC and staring at the wall. I could sit in front of photoshop or maya for days, feverishly grinding away, and have jack all to show for my time by the end. I'm honestly doubt that it is a problem unique to me. Maybe I should just try to work on any art on this project in short focused bursts, rather than, once again, rebuilding the entire interface from scratch.
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