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time for a new checklist

Months ago I wrote a checklist. I did a breakdown of my short and long term to do's. When I went to look them over today I found that I had done them. all of them.

umm... I sort of didn't expect that.

The checklist was only for the proof of concept demo... basically could I make some shit move around the screen in response to input. could I do it in less than an hour a day, while learning the tools and C#... in that same hour. I suppose the answer was, yes, yes I could. Dullard as I might be, I managed it.

so, what now. now the tough part. can I take this proof of concept and turn it into a game.

I have started on version 3 of the interface, which includes all the required elements for versus and single player modes. I have my new checklist going that includes all the gamey elements, like stats and a parser for moving all the gamey data to and from some xml files. Some character and enemy designs... really the part I enjoy most.

I think the biggest change in the near future will be moving the colour mixing model from the overly simplistic wheel to something a bit more fluid. I'll still be using a red, yellow, blue, colour model, which, yes I know, isn't really accurate in any study of colour theory, but it is easy to wrap your head around. Sure, you have your rgb, cmyk, lab, and whatever is in your pantone fandeck, but honestly, I may have fudged the gamut, but everyone knows that red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green, and blue and red make purple (they really don't but if you don't tell, I won't).

so here's to hoping that in a few months you might be able to load up the newest build and fight a monster... with colour!

also, if you've read this far, what else would you be interested in reading... or seeing. concept art? design docs? code? let me know, maybe I'll put in a post.
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