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When The Tragically Hip album Fully Completely came out in 1992, I bought it a copy, and also received one as a gift. One was a CD, one was a cassette, but I don’t remember which. The sensible move might have been to sell one copy, or give it to a friend, but that wasn’t what I did. I kept the cd in the house and I took the tape out to the shop. The stereo I had out there was a tinny, scratchy little thing, but sound came out of it when tapes went into it, so it served my purposes. For a good long time, the only tapes that nestled into that little deck were Fully Completely, Pearl Jam’s Ten, and maybe some Soundgarden.
The shop, like a lot of farm buildings, is a large, rectangular, steel clad structure on a concrete pad. Unlike a lot of farm buildings, the shop is heated and, aside from an ever present whiff of  gasoline and diesel fuel, fairly clean. In 1992, that is where the computer was. In 1992 that was where I would be. I would turn on the stereo, and play Wing Commander or X-Wing well into the night. Occasionally, well into the morning, Fully Completely on loop.
When At the Hundredth Meridian comes on the radio, it still makes me think of flying though space.
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