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Best Games - Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings 2

Cyborg, ninja, baby, or dolphin. These are the sort jet fighter pilots you can choose from in Aero Fighters 2(Sonic Wings 2 in Japan). At the end of the game you fight a space baboon and maybe a ghost.
In the Aero Fighters series, like other games of their type, you control a fighter jet firing exotic laser weaponry up the screen as sci-fi enemies plummet down toward you. It is a direct descendant of Space Invaders. There is probably no reason to include a story or characters in this type of game. The action consists mainly of winding your way through increasingly treacherous bullet patterns, and that could be enough. They could stop there. The developers of Aero Fighters chose instead to envelop all the preceding in thick ridiculous sauce while still playing it fairly straight. There is rarely any acknowledgement that a dolphin in a leather aviator helmet isn’t the most natural thing in the world. They even include multiple endings based on the characters chosen. The game would be good without it, but it is the weird factor that pushes Aero Fighters, and particularly Aero Fighters 2, into the realm of the classics.
You fight tanks, you fight walking robot tanks, you fight a baboon, and you can do it as a dolphin in a jet. Aero Fighters 2 is one of the best games.

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