I put up a new, very short, story over here. Go over and have a read. In fact, go over and read any of the other ones too and let me know what you think. 

294 - River Raid

Best Games - River RaidThe first thing you notice about River Raid is how beautiful it looks. Symmetric fields of solid color in perfectly balanced palettes. Everything on screen is clear and ...


There is no way that I will ever play all of these games. It will never happen. There was a brief window in the 80’s and maybe the early 90’s that a ‘gamer’ could have ...


You know how they say “for every movie made there are 100 scripts on the shelf”? Games are the same. I took one of my game ideas off the shelf recently. It had started as a ...


I've been doing some more work on the story over here . I actually ended up writing some more stuff in part one, or chapter one, or whatever you call parts of stories. I tacked that on, b...


Best Games - Commander KeenIf you played games on a pc in the early 90s you had to be happy with slower experiences. Adventure games, puzzle games, strategy games and microsoft flight simulato...


I've put up the revised beginning of the story I have been working on over here. It took a lot of writing things that happen later on to figure out what should happen here at the start, so whe...


swirl bright vivid lightdiamond sharp notes refrainonce smooth, polished gloss


We watched a movie the other day that wasn’t very good. Like I have said here many times, movies, comics, games, or other works of art that aren’t particularly good don’t bot...

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