Very early on in this blog, like 2013 early, I wrote about wanting to switch from Maya to Blender. It was a long and frustrating process. For quite a few years I suffered from a sort of softwa...

352 - UNO

Best Games - UNOI don’t think I will get much into the rules of UNO. If you are reading this, you have probably played the game and you already have a pretty good idea how it works. You ...


More changes and edits over here again. next week will be a longer post.


Not a whole lot to say here, just more updates (rewrites) over on the larger story. I also have another short story started that I will be posting up when it's ready... probably in a couple we...


I'll be breaking the hell out of the story over here for the next little while. It won't make a lot of sense and whole scenes will come out to make way for the revisions I've been doing. ...


If you are in Canada, I hope you are having a good Canada day. If not, well have a good day anyway.


It’s nearly 40 years since the Rubik's Cube came out. I just learned how to solve one yesterday.I can’t really take any credit for that. Tutorials and guides have obviously existed...


345 - Forza Motorsport

Best Games - Forza MotorsportI'm not really a car guy. A lot of my family are very mechanically inclined. They might even qualify as car guys. I grew up in a car guy town. So much so that a lo...


A lot of small changes over here while I work on the scenes and changes in other parts of the story. I'll be lifting out entire chunks and rewriting them to make the story flow better. I've be...

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