Some more work being done over here. I think this story is in need of some heavy editing and rewriting. I find it's telling and not showing and that distances the reader from the characters to...

395 - Dragon's Lair

Best Games - Dragon’s LairWhat if one of the best games is actually a very bad game. I mean that’s nonsense right? It can’t be both one of the best games and be bad right? It...


it continues here, but I think I'll switch it up an write something else next week, in addition to working on the story. Too many -it continues- posts in a row makes me feel antsy. 


the story continues over here but as always, it's not done yet and there are some major edits that I will need to do, so read it at your own risk I suppose.


More work over here . I haven't really added any 'story' past where I was last time, but I have reworked a lot of the preceding stuff to better match where it will be going. When I though...


the story continues. 


I probably have one more week until I finish up over here. Maybe more... hard to say at this point.


I've started a new story over here. It's another sci-fi leaning story but mostly about people and the things they do, because really that's what I like to write... maybe that's just what I can...


Best Games - ZorkScreen as a windowTo an underground empirevistas in your mind


I was doing some more quick concept sketches. Here is a breakdown of this newest one. First off, before anything else, I watched a bunch of professional wrestling. Specifically a lot o...

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