402 - Saints Row IV

Best Games - Saints Row IV Let’s get this straight right off the jump. Saints Row: The Third is the best game in the Saints Row series. Volition made two games that could be fairly ...


The first draft of the new story is complete and up over here. There will be revisions, but it's a story start to finish.


I was about nearing the end of this short story when I realized that the story isn't actually about what I though it was about. I think this is probably a pretty common occurrence. Scripts oft...


So we were sitting around watching cartoons, like ya do, and I started messing around painting on the ipad. I took a bunch of disjointed ideas and sort of mashed them together. The result was ...


Sometimes you have to step back to move forward. I realized partway through writing this story that something was off. something felt flat. That isn't uncommon. Stories, like most things,...


Still working away over here. I got to the end of the story and I realized that I really needed some more... something. I'm working at adding that something in. Like always, this story is very...


Some more work being done over here. I think this story is in need of some heavy editing and rewriting. I find it's telling and not showing and that distances the reader from the characters to...

395 - Dragon's Lair

Best Games - Dragon’s LairWhat if one of the best games is actually a very bad game. I mean that’s nonsense right? It can’t be both one of the best games and be bad right? It...


it continues here, but I think I'll switch it up an write something else next week, in addition to working on the story. Too many -it continues- posts in a row makes me feel antsy. 


the story continues over here but as always, it's not done yet and there are some major edits that I will need to do, so read it at your own risk I suppose.

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