Imagine you were to get to see some amazing old sculpture. A real museum piece. The Venus De Milo. You get your eyes on the Venus De Milo. You’re looking at it and you want to steal it. ...


Last Monday I posted a link. Just a link. The link led to the game that I finished during the Global Game Jam. Like everyone participating in the jam, I saw the theme on Friday, worked on the ...




Some slow progress continues over here. I mostly wrote stuff that is out of sequence, so I haven't included that, but I actually went back and did some writing in sequence as well. All told I ...

429 - Police 911 - The Keisatsukan

Best Games - Police 911 - The KeisatsukanThis one is a bit of a bummer. Not because the game is bad. The title right there says Best Games, and this game is fantastic. No, it’s a bummer ...


Sorcerer of Time


We are in the time of lists. At the transition point from year to year it’s customary to create lists. The best of, the worst of. The things that are memorable from the year gone by. A r...


Here are a couple of new concept paintings with their progress videos. Enjoy


There is a lot of amazing music in games. From the early 8bit days until now some of the best music written on this planet has been written in the service of games. The particular repetitive n...

424 - Batman: The Video Game

Best Games - Batman: The Video GameLook at this. Just look at it. Okay. You seen that. Now look at this. Did you take that in. Did you count how many colors are on screen. I di...

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