442 - Moto Racer

Best Games - Moto RacerMoto Racer is a deeply unfair game. Every slight bend in the road could end your race. A mistimed button press could mean the difference between finishing first or last....


A full first draft of the new story is up here. Like all first drafts it's a little janky in places and will have errors, typos, and plain busted stuff all up in there. If you read it and have...


Added a few more pages. I thought this one was only going to be about 5 pages, but I blew past that and I'm only about half done. So probably closer to 15 or 20 pages when it's all done. Not s...


just a brief intermission. This is Nomad Sculpt. It's a sculpting app for the Ipad and it rips. 


Continuing to write this small story over here. I've plotted it out to only be between 5 and ten pages, so I'll probably have it all wrapped up next week. If I were you, I would wait until the...


Started a new one over here. It won't be a very long one, but it might take a week or two to get it all out. 


This is the Sorcerer of Vapor. Enjoy.​


This page will be moving. Again. I started this thing on Blogger. I only wrote about 20-30 posts before moving it all over to Weebly. I’ve spent the last several years posting at le...

434 - Burnout Paradise

Best Games - Burnout ParadiseDoes the idea of spinning donuts around the infield of a baseball stadium sound appealing? Would you like to launch a car off a ramp, sail an unreasonable distance...


Imagine you were to get to see some amazing old sculpture. A real museum piece. The Venus De Milo. You get your eyes on the Venus De Milo. You’re looking at it and you want to steal it. ...

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