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An update from the writing front. I only have one story out for submission as I type this (though when you read this, it will probably be at least two). So that isn’t great. But I did enter a new story writing contest, so that’s a bit better. 
Story writing contests are a bit weird.

I don’t actually care that much about how my story places in the contest. I am more concerned with the motivation and the deadline.

This contest is a Halloween-ish thing with no particular theme, but you are given two prompts that can be fairly abstract. Each person entering the contest will be provided prompts by another entrant. They can be a word, a phrase, a picture, sort of whatever. There should be a fairly wild array of stories that spawn from this format.

We all have one month to write a story under 5000 words. After that, we all review the stories, choose our favourites, and rank them.

Maybe when I’m done writing I will write here what my prompts were. Maybe.

No matter what happens, I win, because I will have a new story at the end of everything. At least that’s what’s supposed to happen. If I actually get this story done remains to be seen.

Based on the prompts I got, this story might be a little heavy. Not because the prompts were heavy, but what they made me think of is. So really, I suppose that’s on me, and not the prompts.

I took a few minutes out of writing that story to write this post. Maybe I should get back to the story.

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