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Every year, around this time, teachers from one end of this country to the other will ask students to make a list of the things they are thankful for. The amount of students who actually take a moment to reflect is likely in the single digits. Those of a more seasoned vintage will have a list unspooling in in their heads near constantly.
I’m thankful for analog controls, open source software, the return of the indie developer, democratization of high end game engines, capacitive touch screens, societal recognition of the value of play, making and the industrialization of the hippie, renewed interest in science, living in one of the few countries on the planet where you can say that there is almost literally no better place to be, strong black coffee, and the air denial power of the shoryuken.
Most of that list is honestly how I feel. I’ll let you decide which ones I tossed in for fun.
A more serious list would have only one entry. My family, immediate, extended, and chosen.
I thank you and I am thankful for you.
This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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