Best Games - AsteroidsVideo game creators have been ripping and rehashing ideas from other games since the start of the medium. If you combine the 2D physics sim of Space War with the overwhel...


funny. Two mondays in a row fall on holidays. well i hope that everyone has a great new year and i will continue with the story next week.


I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.


I would post some of the later stuff, but that would read very disjointed, since it would be excerpts and scenes from different places in the story that I haven't tied together yet. Instead, h...


This one might end up being a bit longer. I'm still writing the outline of the story and I have a few passages blocked out at different points, but this is the opening couple of paragraphs. I ...


After hearing the raves of many 3D artists over the last few years, I finally broke down and bought Substance Painter. The fact that it was recently discounted pretty heavily might have had so...


Best Games - Lego


I start counting the names on the wall. There are probably close to fifty years worth of autographs up here. Most are written in marker or ballpoint pen. There are a couple scrawled out in nai...


Coming along. This will be another one of those 'story stubs'. More figuring out a character than a true arc. I'll wrap it up next week.I start counting the names on the wall. There are probab...


Another multi-part story. This one will probably only be 2 or 3 parts at most. I had to cut it off here for reasons that will become obvious next week. ​I start counting the names o...

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