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Some edits here, but first I want to get to another story that I did some work on.
I sent this one out for feedback twice, made some edits, sent it out again, and then made some more edits. I think it's approaching something like a final form. I could probably dive back into anything I have written, disassemble it and improve it, but I think this one is close enough to done that I even gave it a title. You can read This , a short character study about a man with a truly terrible super power.
On the longer story front (still no title) I was pretty hung up on one scene. I wrote the stuff around it to try to have it make some sense, but nothing I did made it work right. I wrote about 600 words, deleted that, wrote another 1000 or so and still the whole scene sucked. Finally, after thinking about it for a couple days, I deleted the whole thing and replaced it with a couple of lines. It will need an edit pass, like everything else, but I already like it so much better.

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