I continue to slowly work away on my story over here. The writing app I have been using (Quoll Writer - ​quollwriter.com/) happily informed me, completely unprompted, that it is cur...

301 - Tetris

Best Games - TetrisIt won’t be news to anyone that Tetris is one of the best games ever created. Not just video games. Games. All games. Tetris is one of the best Games ever created. Tet...


We picked up one of the Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets more than a year ago. We have played a lot of games, and I have hooked up up to Unity to test out some of the development tools for VR,...


A small bit of movement on the story over here.  As soon as I have one of my characters talk to another one of my characters, I first have to go and make sure that I know who they are, an...


sometimes you write. sometimes you make some cards.


New additions, new edits and I'm getting closer to bridging some gaps in this story so that I can build to the conclusion of what I have been thinking of as episode 1. You don't have to think ...



I put up a new, very short, story over here. Go over and have a read. In fact, go over and read any of the other ones too and let me know what you think. 

294 - River Raid

Best Games - River RaidThe first thing you notice about River Raid is how beautiful it looks. Symmetric fields of solid color in perfectly balanced palettes. Everything on screen is clear and ...


There is no way that I will ever play all of these games. It will never happen. There was a brief window in the 80’s and maybe the early 90’s that a ‘gamer’ could have ...

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