I probably have one more week until I finish up over here. Maybe more... hard to say at this point.


I've started a new story over here. It's another sci-fi leaning story but mostly about people and the things they do, because really that's what I like to write... maybe that's just what I can...


Best Games - ZorkScreen as a windowTo an underground empirevistas in your mind


I was doing some more quick concept sketches. Here is a breakdown of this newest one. First off, before anything else, I watched a bunch of professional wrestling. Specifically a lot o...


I’ve been working on a game and this is just a quick update on how that is going.I rigged up a control scheme that let me roll a ball around using Unity physics. That part is pretty simp...


384 - Chrono Trigger

Best Games - Chrono TriggerDuring the heyday of the SNES, I was playing games on a PC. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in console games. I would enjoy them given the opportunity....


There aren’t enough games where you hit things. I’ll grant you, in something like 60% of all games you direct a character to punch, kick, or spin attack something. The other 4...


For a brief period this week I wasn’t able to use my graphics tablet. If you aren’t a digital artist I wouldn’t blame you for not caring what a graphics tablet is or what it ...


As promised, here is some more drawing. I thought this time I would do a short breakdown on how I put a drawing together. This current set of concept drawings is for a project I'm working...

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