Here is a concept painting squeezed down to 30 seconds. Enjoy.


I started this one by quickly smashing some color down and starting the characters form and pose. After two false starts I finally got an angle that I thought I could work with and build on.I'...

420 - Karateka

Best Games - KaratekaFighting games are all about range and timing. You press the kick button of this side of the screen and a few milliseconds later your character has their leg extended reac...




This guy here came out of the new resin 3d printer currently humming along in my basement. I think I would like to make more of this sort of thing. Miniatures, figurines, toys. When I w...


416 - Metal Gear Solid V

Best Games - Metal Gear Solid VImagine you are in a forest. It’s a pleasant day. You hear birds chirping in the treetops above you. Enough shade to be cool, enough sunlight to be warm. T...


​I have had a 3D printer for about 5 years. This is it. Right from the hop this thing never worked right. Turns out, after running the thing through all sorts of tests, the board...


I’ve been doing some work over here. I try to write on it at least once a week, but I haven’t been posting them up because most of what I have been writing doesn’t directly f...

413 - Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back

Best Games - Star Wars - The Empire Strikes BackAction video games are all about feel. The feel of connection between your fingertips and flickering pools of light on a screen. Get that feel w...

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