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new build and remembering activision

I put up a new build. I fixed some of the little quirks and pretty much moved everything over to mouse control. I added a little glow mouseover effect that I am not at all happy with yet... but what the hell, I'm gonna rip all the art out pretty soon anyway.

I've been reading this history of video games book... for the third time. I remembered something I thought I would jot down here. I got to the part about the founding of Activision... the company pulls in the GDP of a mid sized country now, so it's kind of fun to read about this company started by a hand full of dudes.

One day I was playing Sky Jinx on the old Coleco Gemini (a knock off of the atari 2600) and I remember reading in the manual that it was created by Bob Whitehead....

well holy crap

I knew on some level that people actually made these games, but to my feeble brain, it may as well have been sorcery. This dude. This fairly normal looking guy, he made the game I was playing. Didn't look like a sorcerer.... just a guy.

I spent a lot of school bus rides drawing game levels on foolscap after that.

Seems to me, I just never stopped doing that. Doubt that I ever will.

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