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I did up a new Truck design sketch. I think I'm getting closer to capturing the character of Truck. Seriously, this an anthropomorphic garbage truck who's sole purpose is to alternatively smash and gather things in his world, to make a larger and larger garbage pile. I'm really just designing him as a character because I find it entertaining.

I compressed about 45 minutes of sketching down to 3 for the video. Much longer than that and some of the slower bits really get pretty boring to watch.

I have never recorded myself sketching. It's weirdly intimidating. Most of that self conscious feeling I use to have when someone would watch me draw or paint has faded with practice and time. Now, if someone comes to peek over my shoulder while I'm drawing, or modelling, I don't really worry about what they think of my doodles. I'm usually much more concerned that they will just get bored. Recording myself sketching, I'm just worried that the screen capture will break or the computer will crash. It felt like I was drawing to beat the clock. After a few minutes I sort of relaxed into it a bit, but this is definately a new process, and it will take me a while to get comfortable. Modelling with the screen capture running will be... interesting.

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