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This is Changelog 0001. I’m creating a new series of posts that should go up at least once a week. Changelog will be a quick writeup on the state of game development over here. It’s more for myself than anyone else, though you are welcome to read it. Just a simple entry describing any changes, additions, or struggles to/with game projects I’m working on. Occasionally words will be accompanied by pictures or videos. Won’t that be nice.

For example:

​Having recently solidifying a convincing “ball rolling effect” script, I set about trying to make the AI enemies in my game attempt some level of collision avoidance while stalking the player. Today I got a very clunky, but consistent collision avoidance system working. I will have to go back in and improve it, but for combat testing purposes, it should work fine.

Next up is to have the enemies attack the player, rather than just try to shove them off the edge of the world ‘Sumo’ style. Currently they just aren’t very dangerous and can be tricked into flinging themselves off the world fairly easily. I’ll have to add a little self preservation into the collision avoidance system.

And there you go. That is a changelog. Now I can look back here in a couple of months and feel either good or bad that I did or didn’t progress. Won’t that be nice.

This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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