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Best Games - Asteroids
There is nothing quite like a game that lets you do battle with mans oldest foe. Rocks.
Big rocks, little rocks, medium sized rocks that split into two smaller rocks. Rocks and void. The way it started. The way it was always going to end.
Asteroids may have started as a way to create a single player Space War experience but it ended up as so much more.
Asteroids may be the first real test of endurance for a video game. Several games had unending waves of enemies. Space Invaders is all about unending waves of enemies. But Space Invaders offers the player a shield to hide behind. Reprieve from the continuous assault of descending invaders. A moment to blink. Asteroids never lets up. There is always another rock to destroy or be destroyed by. 
Asteroids, while initially less challenging than something like Space Invaders, quickly ramps to test your perception and reflexes. The rocks drift smoother than any other game at the time. Your ship reacts with a realistic momentum and inertia. If you let it get away from you just trying to drive the ship will kill you faster than any rock out there.
Occasionally a saucer will zip across the screen taking pot shots at you, but that doesn’t matter, your real nemesis is the rocks. All of the rocks.
It’s Asteroids, you fight rocks, it’s one of the best games.

This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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