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I haven’t written about writing for a while. I tend to not want to, since, well, if I’m writing about writing I figure I should just be writing.
The last time I did a writing update, I had a story out for submission and another one almost ready to go out. Both of those stories ended up getting rejected, but one of them was on hold for its third time (fourth maybe, but two of those times were at the same place). 
I haven’t sent that story back out, and I’m not sure why. I think I want to have several ready to go at once. It’s tough to hang all your hopes on one story, even if you know it’s good and you have had several outlets tell you it’s good (just not good enough for them right now for whatever reason). 
I have three stories almost ready to go, but I probably won’t have them done until the new year at the rate I write.
So I guess that’s it. Not much to add for this update. I’m still writing… slowly. I have about eight other stories started, but I have put them all on hold until I finish this first batch. 

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