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I haven’t done a writing update in a while. So, what’s the state of my writing at the moment? Not good. Or fine. Maybe it’s actually good. I don’t know.
A while ago I set a goal of creating one new first draft of a short story every month. Keeping that schedule has been pretty easy. What hasn’t been as easy, is finishing a final draft that I can send out, that hasn’t gone as well.
I have two stories out for consideration as I write this (might be three when you read it) but they have been out for quite a while. One of them has really done the rounds. It’s been held for repeat reads and comments multiple times but ultimately, in every case so far, it hasn’t been accepted.
They places they are waiting at right now have had them for quite a while. Like several months. That’s sort of the way it goes sometimes, but still, it’s been long enough that I occasionally forget what story has gone where.
Still no word on when my second published story will see print, but that too will just have to wait.
In the meantime, I keep working on these stories that I wrote first drafts of. I have four of them up on blocks, and I dig around under their hoods every few days. One is pretty close to ready. Another needs a bit more work, but it’s not terribly far off. The other two are in states of disarray. I have half a dozen more that I haven’t even taken a second look at, but they will all need work.
At some point I will probably have several stories submitted to outlets at once, but not yet.
It would be easy to see not having a bunch of stories ready as some sort of failure, but I keep working on them so that’s better than abandoning them.
I know that I’m not a particularly fast or prolific writer, I just hope that when I get a story out there for people to read that they enjoy it. I’ll take making enjoyable stories over making a lot of stories anytime.

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