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My 2D game project is coming along. Most of my time with it has just been learning the ins and outs of Godot 4.
Like I said before, I have only really done a very small amount of dabbling with Godot, and that was quite a while ago. It seems like a very competent engine, and everything that I have wanted to do with it, I have been able to get working. After a while.
The biggest issue I’m having is that most of the tutorials and learning material are made in their built-in language, GDScript. GDScript is a python-like programming language that is, by all reports, made to be very easy to use.
I hate it. 
I’m sure I could learn to use it. I’m sure I would even like using it after a while, but when I want to just make a thing that is in my head, I can’t stand programming in it.
Luckily, the developers of Godot have added C# support. Coming from years of messing with Unity, I am so much more comfortable with C#. That means that the code I write is at least readable by me, and the things I try I can usually get to work.
The downside of using C#, is again, all the learning material is written in GDScript. I’m finding that I spend a lot of my ‘development’ time translating from GDScript examples to C#. I could just follow the examples, but then when I go to change something or extend the example script, something I will always have to do, I have trouble figuring it out. It’s a language barrier issue. So, I’m finding it’s actually easier to translate to C# and go from there. 
On one hand, that does make my work a lot slower. On the other hand, future me will understand what I did and will be able to make changes. I’m doing future me a favour here. I hope he’s thankful for it.

This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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