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I like to ride my bike. If I’m going somewhere fairly nearby, I will probably take my bike. If I’m going somewhere further, but plan to stay a while, I will probably take my bike. If I’m going to be drinking, I will absolutely take my bike.
For quite a while, if I was headed downtown, I would bike to the train and ride it the rest of the way. More and more often, I have been riding the entire 10 to 20km for events. If the weather is nice and the paths are mostly clear, it’s great. If there is snow on the path, but it’s packed down, I just take the fat tire bike, and it’s great. If it’s really cold, I dress warmer.
I’m sure this sounds bonkers to a lot of people, but think of it this way. I never need to look for or pay for parking. I can always choose to have another beer before I leave a place (I never do, but I could). My bike never runs out of fuel and I never have to fill it up. My largest ongoing expense is extra train tickets when I don’t want to ride.
Then there is the maintenance. Most bike parts last for years or even decades. My main bike frame is about 20 years old. I have replaced a lot of the main components in that time, but not all of them. The real kicker is that when those parts did need replacing, I did it myself. If you look around a bit you can get most of the parts cheaper than at a bike shop too. I think there are two special purpose tools that you need to fix a bicycle. A chain tool, and a crank puller. A bike stand is nice, but not required. Other than that, it’s all wrenches and screwdrivers.
I know to some people I’m ‘that guy who rides his bike everywhere’ but it’s just so much easier than driving sometimes. More relaxed. Safer. Even in the cold. You put on a snow helmet, goggles, and mask, and you can ride through a lot of weather.
Except rain. I hate riding in the rain.
That’s all. I did some seasonal tune-ups on my bike and it made me think about how much I like biking. Nothing more to it. Go ride a bike. They’re good.

This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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