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I went back and counted. The graphics tablet I use, nearly daily, is the fifth I’ve owned and the seventh I’ve used. If I don’t count the iPad. Actually, come to think of it, I think I have to count the iPad now. I can’t use it with Blender or Krita or the desktop version of Affinity Designer, at least not easily, and all three of those are go to apps for me, but I do use the iPad to draw and paint pretty regularly. So, eight. The number of graphics tablets I have used is eight. That seems like a lot.
I am thinking about this now, because several times a year, every year, I consider getting a new graphics tablet. This is just part of the natural cycle of things.
The one I currently use is a Huion HS610. It’s perfectly capable and I like it quite a bit. Other than occasionally brushing the scroll wheel with my hand, I don’t think I have any issues with it. The only reason I have for thinking about a new tablet, is that I saw there were some screen based pen displays on sale. I don’t really need one, but that never stopped anyone from wanting a thing.
Very recently, I saw a pixel artist (who apparently used a mouse?) asking the game dev community whether a graphics tablet is worth it. As someone who has owned six of the things (I think we decided on six) I had to say, emphatically, yes.
Not only are graphics tablets amazing tools for artists at any stage of their career or development, having one has almost certainly saved me from worse RSI than I currently have. I switch constantly, from tablet, to trackball, to mouse. The changing hand positions and movement ranges keep my carpal tunnels from getting too distressed.
The other reason I can recommend a graphics tablet is pretty simple. They are so much cheaper now than they have ever been. A new Huion tablet can be picked up for the same price as a mid range mouse. My second Wacom Intuos cost something like $200 and it was far less capable than anything you can buy today.
Even if you only think you will use it occasionally, I think a graphics tablet is a purchase you likely won’t regret.
I think that’s all I have to say this week. I just think graphics tablets are nifty keen and worth getting. I think I’ll go back to drooling over some glossy, 4k, pen displays, and convincing myself that I don’t really need one.
This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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