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This is just a short update on how writing is going.
Right now I have two short stories out for consideration, three more that are nearly done or in editing, and another one that was finished quite a while ago, but needs a rewrite in a few areas. I’m thinking it might be a numbers game.
Of the rejection letters I have received recently, a couple have been the usual form letters, but a couple have been personal and outlined why they were being rejected (and no, I won’t be saying what outlets or magazines these are, mostly because it doesn’t matter, but also because I will likely be sending them more submissions in the future). In two of those cases, the editor sending me the rejection letter said it was because the story didn’t fit the format or theme of the issue, but they asked for future submissions. While this could have been a case of someone trying to be polite, or spare a writer's feelings, they probably would have just sent a form letter if they actually didn’t like it.
In the case of at least one of those rejection letters, I have to grudgingly agree. I mean, I like the story, but it would sort of be a stretch to imagine it fit with the theme of the collection they were putting together.
Here is the problem. When they ask for more submissions, that’s nice and all, but I don’t really have that many pieces of writing just sitting around waiting to send out. In the grand scheme of things, I haven’t really been writing fiction very long. Only a few years of serious effort, and maybe two years actually trying to sell the things I write. I just don’t have a big backlog of pages to dive into. And I very much don’t have submissions ready in a lot of genres or in different themes. For example, I don’t really have any horror stuff. I think that’s because I find a solid ninety percent of horror short stories either not scary or not interesting, and I can’t think of a good way to appeal to the people who do like those stories. What I find scary is more slow creeping dread, than shock and gore. That stuff usually gets flagged as literary fiction and not specifically horror. More Twilight Zone, less Tales from the Crypt.
Whatever the case, I will probably have a couple more stories submitted for consideration over the next couple of months. Maybe that will increase my chances of selling another one. Like I said, it might be a numbers game.
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