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I'm gonna try to write a novel. Probably a bad one. I definitely won't be doing any editing. It won't be polished. It might not make sense. I'm gonna try anyway.
I have side-eyed NaNoWriMo (as well as Inktober, and other creative jam type events) for years. I have participated in several Game Jams (create a game in a few days alone or with a team). I have usually found the experience to be sort of rejuvenating. Packing that much effort into a short space of time can be exhausting, but I usually come out with way more ideas and energy than I went in with. At least after a good nights sleep.
NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. Over the course of November, people from all over try to write 50000 words. A novel.
There is no rule or guideline on content, genre, or quality. It's just about getting the words out. 
I will try it. Hopefully I can type enough to reach 50000 words. I have absolutely no ide what I will write. It's an absolutely terrifying prospect. 
​I hope it's fun. 
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