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As promised, here is some more drawing. 
I thought this time I would do a short breakdown on how I put a drawing together. This current set of concept drawings is for a project I'm working. I'm in the part of the process where I try out a few different things to zero in on a style.

First I start out with a rough figure sketch. I did a lot of google image searching for "Parkour Jump" to find reference. I want these characters to look like they are free floating but in control of their movement, so parkour and other extreme sports seemed like perfect reference. Then I worked on some poses based on that reference in thumbnail sketches and 3D mockups. 

Next I refine the sketch and flesh it out, but I like to try to maintain some feeling of movement in the character. These characters wear elaborate headgear and flamboyant costumes, so I didn't put any effort into drawing a face. Any mood had to be conveyed in the body.

On a new layer I start working out the costume.
Next I sharpen up lines and define edges. I will be leaving the sketchy lines under the color for this one.
I get some color up in there. I still have to go over this character and work out some more details, but I think I now have an idea of who they are and where to take them from here.
Most of the time when I am drawing anything, I'm finding out what needs to get added and what needs to change while I'm drawing it. I'm usually surprised at how it turns out, or if it turns out at all.
This one is working out okay I think.
This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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