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For the next few weeks, I'm only going to work on this story here to try to get part 1 all wrapped up. Then I will edit and revise part one and start stitching the chunks of part 2 that I have written into something that works. It's sort of funny the sorts of things that you don't even know a scene is missing until you write the things that follow them up. There are a few descriptions and conversations that I need to tie back into part 1 here to sell stuff further down the road. The one positives of writing something like this more or less in public is that I have to break myself of ever finding any one scene or line too precious. The second I post it up, a lot of it isn't mine anymore, if that makes any sense. The previous warnings stand; you can read it if you want, but things are likely to change when editing happens. On the other hand, if you do read it, you can tell me what you like, or more importantly what you don't like and I can add that too the list of things that will get looked at and revised when I go back over it.
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