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I've continued to slowly rework and refine Adventure Caddie, the once video game, now cooperative board game. Every time I make a major change to the rules I increment the version number so you can see that we are now on version 0.4 . I used to have dice. No more dice. I used to have a competitive version. No more competitive version. I used to have 3 different types of tokens. Now only one. As it gets simpler, I think that hopefully it gets better. I have yet to give it a major play test (with people who aren't me or related to me), but I would have to assume that I will end up incriminating that number a few times after I set up one of those. 
These are the rules as they stand right now. (not including the overall win/lose conditions since those are still undergoing an overhaul)

Adventure Caddie - V. 0.4


Turn order
All Caddies must negotiate the turn order for each adventure round. Hero turn order also determines their position on the field. The Hero in front can only do Melee damage. The Hero in the back can only do ranged damage. Loot is collected and inventory is shuffled in your selected turn order. Choose wisely Caddies.

Start Round
Heroes use any potions and consumables they are holding. All of them. If you handed it to them they will drink it. Remove the potions from the Heroes and throw them on the ground.
Discard any items on the ground. The Heroes have moved on and you have to move on with them. Wave goodby to those items and sweep them aside.
Attack phase
Caddies get to negotiate the turn order, but every Hero must take a turn.
    Hero attack - hero base attack value + weapon bonus value
    Heroes like weapons and they like attacking so all weapons a Hero is holding will be used in an attack. Melee weapons hit close ranged enemies. Ranged Weapons hit distant foes.
If a weapon can be used melee or ranged the Caddie will have to choose one or the other but not both.
    1 unit of Damage is dealt to all weapons held by the hero. Using weapons wears them out.
    Any single use weapons are used and then discarded. They aren’t thrown to the ground, but moved to the discard pile. They won’t be available when the time comes for Caddies to scavenge the field.
Melee damage starts at the front of line of enemies and works its way back. If there were a line of 4 enemies and the Hero did 3 melee damage, the first 3 enemies would receive one point to damage each. If, instead, the Hero did 5 melee damage each enemy would receive one point of damage and you would wrap around to the front again dropping the last point of damage on the first enemy.
Ranged damage works in the same way, except you start counting out points of damage from the back of the enemy line forward.
Remember, the Hero at the front of the line can’t use ranged weapons and the Hero at the back of the line can’t use melee weapons.

    Special Weapon or Hero effects.

Defense Phase
Enemies deal the amount of damage indicated on their card. Melee damage is dealt to the Heroes starting from the front of the line back, Ranged damage is dealt starting from the back of the line forward. The first enemy in the line can only use melee attacks and the back enemy can only use ranged attacks.
    Damage is first dealt to armor and defence items. As part of a Caddies expert coaching, they will get to determine what armor or defence item receives damage first during each enemies attack.
    If there are no defensive items damage is taken directly to the heroes health. Keep them stocked up on armor, since it’s tough to Caddie a dead Hero.

Item Drop Phase
    Each Monster defeated drops something. The bag, or bags, that the items are pulled from are marked on the enemy card. If your Hero destroys an enemy on their turn you get to  give the bags a shake and pull ,without looking, as many items as is indicated. Put those items on the ground.
When any bag is empty refill all of the bags from the discard pile and give them a good shake.

Inventory Management / Repair Phase
    Every Caddie, in their Hero turn order can pick up one item from the ground and put it into the pack if there is room available.

    After scavenging you can do one of the following
        Move or swap one item or pair of items from the hero to the pack
        Move or swap one item or pair of items within in the pack
        Move or swap one item or pair of items from or to the ground and the pack.
    Any damaged items in the pack are repaired for one unit of damage.

The enemy has retreated and your Heroes are pressing the attack. No time to rest. You hurry along behind, packs jangling, into the next round of this adventure.

This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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