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I continue to slowly work away on my story over here. The writing app I have been using (Quoll Writer - ​quollwriter.com/) happily informed me, completely unprompted, that it is currently a novelette, and I'll probably be straying into novella territory soon. Of course more words doesn't mean they are good words, so there will be a lot of editing to do, but having the program tell me 'Hey, you wrote this much!' has actually made me want to write more. I mean that first chunk of words was tough, but not impossible. Like a long walk, jog, or bike ride, if you keep going forward you will make it to the end. There is really no other option. You keep going forward and you will get it done. It could take a long time. It could be bad. It will be done. 
Excited to see what the next milestone is.
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