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I've put up the revised beginning of the story I have been working on over here. It took a lot of writing things that happen later on to figure out what should happen here at the start, so when I finally put all of the rest of it back in it will be a large dump of text all at once. As it is, it is still very much a draft and not a cleaned up and edited story, so if you go over there to read it you know what sort of thing you'll be getting. Turns out writing is hard, and writing something that works and stays consistent over at least dozens of pages takes some work and time. I've sort of broken up the story into what would best be described as episodes, so a single finished episode shouldn't be too long in coming, but the whole thing might take a while. I've also done a little looking into what it takes to put a short or long story together into something you can sell on a store like Amazon. I think I will always keep a version of it up here for free, but making it available to buy and download to a reader device of some sort seems like a pretty cool thing that I would like to do. So for the 20 or 30 people who regularly read this (I think the analytics lies when it says anything more than that), you can say you read it first back when it was all broken grammar and spelling errors. 
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