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I’ve been writing a lot of outline stuff and scattered scenes. This means that I haven’t updated the main story I have been working on for a bit (over here), but it also means that there is a lot still happening on it. Of course, if I posted up the outline that would just give away the whole story, and that doesn’t sound very fun. If I posted up some of the later scenes they might give away the story too, or at the very least not make much sense out of context with any surrounding scenes. Also not very fun.
I’m sure this won’t come as news to any writers of long form narratives, but quite often I’m finding that I need to write a few lines of a later scene to even have any idea how to write an earlier one.
I will have a new revision of a few of the earlier scenes coming soon. Probably later this week. I’ll post an update when that happens so that you can either choose to read it or not depending on how much you are interested in reading something under heavy construction.

This has been a regular writing update.

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