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I don’t title any of these posts. I don’t title any of the stories I have written and posted here. I realize that can be a bit annoying if anyone was trying to find a particular post. You can search for strings in the search bar that sits just up and to the right on the desktop version of the site. The string “Best Games” will, for example, return every post in the “Best Games” series where I examine why a specific game is good or important.
I posted most of the stories in parts. I would work on them, post what was done, edit, append, and repost them over and over until they were complete. Searching for those might be a little tricky.
Since I now have 6 short stories and 2 more in the works, I thought I should organize a bit. The menu now includes a new dropdown that has all the completed stories and the unfinished one that is the furthest along. You are welcome to read any of them, but the unfinished ones will be in a constant state of chaos and awful sentence structure. So, you know, fair warning.
I won’t post the stories here anymore, but I will post links and updates as they progress and take shape.
I will still be writing a new post for the front of the blog every monday, but some of them might just be a link to updates and progress over on one of the story pages.
This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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