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Best games - The Outfoxies

Wanna play a game?
Sure what you got for fighting games?
Fighting games. Let’s see. Street Fighter, more Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat …
Got anything with freeform combat?
What do you mean? What’s that?
So like what if you had a bunch of guys?
And girls?
Yeah. Just a bunch of wacky guys and girls.
And a monkey.
Throw in a monkey.
Okay. Sure. A bunch of guys, girls, and a monkey and they are all assassins.
Even the monkey?
Especially the monkey, only he gets paid in bananas. So you get this whole group of assassins. Like, you got the boring action movie dude and the dangerous CEO spy lady -
Yeah, and the paralyzed martial artist in a weaponized robot wheelchair.
Yeah. we already got a monkey. Get weird.
Okay. How about the washed up film star that turns to crime for money?
Not weird enough. Jack it right up.
Maybe a bio-engineer that's built like a wrestler and has a robot hand?
Getting there.
How about ex conjoined twins that were separated by a train crash, and they are kids, but also assassins that fight holding hands.
Now you got it. And they all get called by another guy…
Just some guy, like with a generic fake name.
Like Mr. Acme?
I like it. So Mr. Acme calls them all separately and hires them to kill each other.
Who cares. So they go to fight each other in all sorts of crazy places, like active weapons factory?
How about a flying plane or a boat in a storm? Like just huge waves and the boat keeps tossing back and forth.
That’s great. Or a train. No wait in a fancy aquarium and you can fight on top of a whale.
You fight in a building, but it keeps collapsing and you fall through the floor over and over fighting on different levels all the way down.
Circus! You fight in a circus during the performance. Just total mayhem.
And you can get the cannon out and shoot human cannonballs at your enemy.
What about a boss? You fight through all the other assassins and what? You fight Mr. Acme?
Maybe there never was a Mr. Acme. or maybe there was, but really you fight Mrs. Acme. She set it all up. She’s the mastermind.
Who cares, right? At the end you fight a chopper. Just you, a chopper, and a rocket launcher.
I love it.
So how would this game play?
Almost exactly like Smash Bros.
Yeah like Smash Bros. only crazier.
I thought Smash Bros. was crazy.
Crazier. Way way crazier.

This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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