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192 - Puzzle Bobble / Bust a Move / Puzzle De Pon / etc.

Best Games - Puzzle Bobble / Bust a Move / Puzzle De Pon / etc.

The match three bubble shooters have gone by many names and many numerals, but “Balls” is of course the common shorthand adopted by most players. Accepting how pervasive and ever present the genre has become, it is conceivable that we will reach a day when all games will be, at least partly, Balls.
No one knows how long ago the bubble shooting genre began. Some say it started with the Romans, casting javelins at inflated animal bladders arranged in brightly colored groups of three. Some say that cave walls in northern spain clearly depict a collision of three circles, one having bounced off a wall using simple physics. There are even cosmologists that suggest that Bubble matching could be a model for the early universe, newly born particles being fired from a cannon manned by two cartoon dinosaur children. One thing is for certain, the shooting of bubbles and the matching of three similar types is as much a part of our present and future as it is our past. All hail Bub and Bob! Balls!
Bubble shooting games represent both types of children, transformed into bubble dragons or zodiac tarot card, so no matter who you are these games hold up a mirror to your life. Couple that with the moving tale of a bubble just trying to return to it’s family only to burst at the meeting. Balls invites reflection.
Bouncing things is fun. Puzzle de Pon is better than Puzzle Bobble. There I said it. Both are the best games.

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