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I wasn’t going to write anything about the arcade cabinet since I seem to have done that a lot lately, but I recently did a talk for the Calgary Game Developers group about it, so I figured I should post it up here as well.

Before I went to the meeting from this video I had committed to doing a short presentation on some topic as yet to be determined. I wasn’t going to talk about building an arcade cabinet, or pedestal, or whatever it is I built. I was going to do a talk about some aspect of 3D modelling or something, probably box modelling or making a game ready model from a high resolution sculpt. Some sort of semi technical talk like that might fit the venue better, but giving a presentation about building something silly and frivolous is in itself silly and frivolous. In other words, right in my wheelhouse. But why would you keep reading my blather when you can watch it. 

Thank you to Craig for posting this video and thank you to the rest of the Calgary Game Developers group for allowing me a venue for this type of nonsense.  http://www.calgarygamedevelopers.com/

Here you go.
This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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