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So I wrote a couple weeks back that I was having trouble with my Huion graphics tablet. I had threatened that I would rebuild the whole pc, reinstall windows if I had to, to get my tools working again. I made good on that threat.

There is a bit of a panic feeling deep on the south end of your ribcage when you reset a computer. You start with something that you had been using, issue free, for months, with all of your tools laid out neatly on a shelf. All of a sudden this machine is asking you what time zone this is, and did you mean american english, british english, or czech, and I don’t know if this is a monitor or speaker or a printer. You’ve turned a workshop into a time traveling amnesiac with an obsession for self diagnosis. On the upside, everything this renewed pc will do, will be fast. Well, faster, anyway. So all the resetting, downloading, updating, and everything else will happen without the usual impediments. So, slow, but less so.

Well I got that machine working again, and hours later I discovered that If I just lift the pen clear of the tablet a few inches, far enough for the tablet to lose connection with the pen, that would reset the pressure sensitivity, and the tablet would work properly again. I’m not certain if I would have been able to just lift the pen and put it down and have the tablet work without reinstalling windows, but I know that I lifted it at least once or twice in frustration, and that didn’t seem to fix the thing. It’s was likely a combination of a few driver issues. I sent the bug and the solution I found to Huion, and they sent me the latest version of the driver. It doesn’t fix the bug, but it does have a few extra features, so that’s pretty good.

All this might seem like a huge waste of time, but honestly, other than the not being able to work on the computer while it’s being reset, I find it all pretty enjoyable. Of course, I like fixing things. Tuning them up, and making them work better than they did before. So much so, that I have also put a new ssd in the laptop and installed android on an old hp touchpad. This has been a busy week for hardware getting refreshed in this house.

I have no point to get at. That is all.
This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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