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I'm just going to have a short conversation with myself, if you don't mind. Go about your business, I'll be done soon.

Hey Owen.


How's it been going?

Can't complain. You?

Been good. So I have a question for you.

Sure. What's up?

Do you remember post number 007?

Maybe. Why?

Do you remember what that was about?

That was almost a year ago, man. I don't remember last week.

We'll you said that Adventure Caddie would launch this year.

Yeah. I might have said that.

And the year is almost over.

Yep. Yep. That's true.


So, yeah. I suppose that won't be happening.

So, why then?

Well, okay, here it is. I figured that by the end of the year I would have something ready enough that I could post it up as an alpha and have people test it out. Launch can really mean a lot of things in these crazy modern times.

So then nothing this year?


Why not? Where did you drop the ball?

It's pretty easy really. I didn't get enough art done to get the game into a presentable state. Rich has done a great job on the programming end, and it does sort of function, but I haven't finished nearly enough assets and gotten them game-ready. The game works, but there is nothing to do yet. It's a 100 piece puzzle with 7 available pieces and some of those are taken from other boxes.

Is it ever going to get done?

Yeah. Oh yes, definitely. I’m working on those assets right now. I can only work about 2 uninterrupted hours a day, so it’s slow work.

That sounds like an excuse.

You’re probably right. Yes, you’re right, it is. I’ll work harder.

So when will people be able to play with it?

I’m not doing that again.

Learned your lesson?

Yes. No more promises. It’s done when it’s done. Can I make deadlines, but just not tell everyone?

Yes. In fact, I think you have to do that.

Sounds good. So Adventure Caddie, still working on it, and it will be available… sometime.

Works for Blizzard.

Not fair. They have all the money.

Bah, give it up. You don’t have any problems.

You’re right. Okay, fair enough. Thanks, me.

No Thank you, me.

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