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Best Games - Trio the Punch - never forget me

Some people go a long way for a joke. The makers of Trio the Punch went a long, long way for a joke that only they would get. Then they packed that joke up in an arcade cabinet. People could pay to play that joke and almost no one would find it funny. Trio the Punch is the Andy Kaufman of arcade games.

Usually I write a Best Games about a game that is so good that I think everyone should play it. A game that will have universal appeal. Trio the Punch doesn't care what you think. It doesn't care if you like it. It has nothing to say. It is a fiercely, unapologetically bad game. The development team is probably still surprised they got away with making it. It probably still makes them laugh.

I think every game developer should regularly revisit Trio the Punch - never forget me. You will come away from it having learned nothing about creating good games. That's okay, Trio the Punch doesn't care what you think.
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