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I did some work on the shader. Nothing is optimized yet. By cobbling together the work of some really smart people I have arrived at this.
This is the shader graph that makes the shader on all the objects in the video.
I put it all together using Strumpy Shader Editor. It's really fantastic. I still need to go through it and clean up stuff that I don't need or Is just to complex. I expect to be able to trim that graph down quite a bit, but for now it's working and doesn't seem to be very costly. Works great on the android devices I have on hand. I have to check it on IOS, but there is nothing going on in there that most apple devices should have trouble with. Everything is looking more and more like I originally intended, which is sort of amazing since I didn't know if some of the effects would even be possible in realtime, let alone on a handheld device. Turns out most of it is actually pretty simple. I suppose most things are, after you do them. This is the part where all the graphics programmers out there get to snicker "newb" under their breath. 
This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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