345 - Forza Motorsport

Best Games - Forza MotorsportI'm not really a car guy. A lot of my family are very mechanically inclined. They might even qualify as car guys. I grew up in a car guy town. So much so that a lo...


A lot of small changes over here while I work on the scenes and changes in other parts of the story. I'll be lifting out entire chunks and rewriting them to make the story flow better. I've be...


I wrote some later scenes, but haven't patched them into the story yet, because I don't really know where they go. I'll puzzle that out and try to get them in there in a few days. In plac...


341 - Pac-Man

Best Games - Pac-ManThere are a lot of games that I tend to shy away from when I write one of these. Games that are so universally loved, and commented on, that it’s difficult to find an...


For the second week in a row, all the new writing is going on over here. It's still very much in an alpha state, so I don't actually recommend reading it, but you know, you can if you want. Ne...


​Changed some stuff o​ver here. The writing, editing, and rewriting continues.


I'm going to post up writing of a different sort today. I have reworked the rules of the board game I have been making. I reworked them so hard that I removed the 'board' aspect of the game en...


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