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I'm going to post up writing of a different sort today. I have reworked the rules of the board game I have been making. I reworked them so hard that I removed the 'board' aspect of the game entirely, and now the whole game is played with cards. The old version was, to put is succinctly, dull. Dull isn't something you want a game to be, and so, the reworking of the rules. Below is part of the new rule document. I'm going to leave out the combat phase of play for now, since I still haven't play tested the new style and they will likely change at least a bit. Anyway, here you go. 

Adventure Caddie - V. 0.95


You and your cohort are professional Adventure Caddies. You won’t be doing any actual fighting, but it is your job to carry, organize, and repair your Heroes supplies. You are also responsible for some high level Adventure coaching. When to step back, when to rush forward, that sort of thing.
Now, no one wants to stay a Caddie forever. You all have dreams of getting into the Pro Adventurers Guild. The fame, the glory, the treasure, the parties. Free danishes in the break room. All the perks.
The first hurdle is the cost. You are going to have to pay the guild membership and it isn’t cheap. The second is recommendations. Nobody was ever accepted into the guild without at least one recommendation. The more recommendations you can get, the better your chances of snagging one of those rare Hero positions.


Get the entire party of Heroes through the adventure alive.
If any of the Heroes is down at the end of an adventure, the guild demands that the entire group give up half of its treasure (rounding up) to pay resurrection costs, and run another adventure of the same level or higher to redeem yourselves. No spots in the guild lineup will be granted to Caddies that fail to protect their Heroes.

Earn enough Treasure to buy a Guild membership.
The Heroes cut of any Treasure you pick up is accounted for and deposited into the guild run ethereal bank before you even stuff it in your bag. So what you are holding on to, is yours. At the end of an adventure, you can pay for a guild membership, choose to carry what you have into the next adventure, or pay the long term storage trolls to hold onto it for you. Sure would be nice to have access to the guild bank, but unfortunately that’s only for Heroes.

Earn recommendations.
Heroes are a strange lot, and sometimes they have objectives that they want to accomplish that are seperate from the main Adventure. Is it hubris? Is it insecurity? Is it malice? Who knows. What you do know is, helping a Hero accomplish their tasks will earn you recommendations with the guild, and they just might be more valuable than gold and jewels. If more than one Caddie can pay for the guild membership at the end of an Adventure, you just know they will take the one with the most recommendations.

In the case of a tie (enough treasure to pay for membership and the same number of recommendations) Both Caddies can become Pro Heroes. There is no harm in helping your fellow Caddies get into the guild if you can buy your way in as well.

The game ends when one or more of your group is admitted into the guild. Everyone else will just have to try again next season.


All Caddies start with a carrying capacity of 9. That means that the total bulk of the the items you can carry can only add up to less than or equal to 9.

Shuffle all decks and place them on the table.

Each Caddie draws one Hero from the Hero deck. Order doesn’t matter, but you must decide amongst your group who will Caddie which Hero. Each Hero has different base stats.

Draw the top card from the level one adventure deck and place it face up. A good Caddie always does some preliminary scouting, and has some idea what their Heroes might be getting into. Refer to this card when you want an idea of what enemies are on their way.
Each Caddie draws 2 items from the level one loot deck and places them on the ground. If you draw a treasure piece, Place it on the bottom of the deck and draw again. Once all the items are on the ground the group must decide how to divy them up.These will be your starting items. Now suit up and get adventuring.

Turn order
All turns are taken at the same time, as a group. If Hero actions can combine into Combos, you will have to work out between you which Hero should take their action first.

Start Round
Heroes use any potions, repair packs, or consumables they are holding. All of them. If you handed it to them they will drink it or use it. Remove the empties from the Heroes and throw them on the ground.
Caddies can use this time to repair one point of damage on any Items they are holding.
Caddies can throw one item to a Hero, and/or Request one item from a Hero.

Discard any items on the ground. The Heroes have moved on and you have to move on with them. Wave goodbye to those items and sweep them into the discard pile.


This post is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by the author.
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