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 still banging away in the word mines over here
Hard to believe that I have been writing here, once a week, for over 6 years. I started a blog to describe game development, then I expanded that to writing about games and other things on a regular schedule just to practice writing. One day another game developer suggested participating in NaNoWriMo and I was baffled. I mean I was writing every week, but writing a novel would mean writing fiction and that wasn't what I did. He might as well have said 'You drive a car. Why don't you fly this jet.' In my mind the two could not have been more distant. Now I have 8 small stories on my site (about a dozen more that never made it that far) and another thing that started as a short story but is nearing the end of 'episode 1' and couldn't fairly be called short. Every new page of words still feels like a genuine effort to string together, but I haven't grown weary of it. I can feel some incremental improvement, but I still don't think that I am done practicing. Maybe after an even dozen years I'll feel like I know how to write. I doubt it. Until then, I'll see if I can write something that I think other people might want to read.
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